The popularity of Halloween and casino – bring on the Zombies!

Halloween is closing up on us with big steps and we know exactly where best to celebrate this holiday why not try at a casino online?

The popularity of Halloween and casino

Halloween is growing in popularity all over the world, and in the US kids usually walk around knocking doors, and asking you friendly for a “Trick or Treat”. Halloween is increasingly celebrated, with many different parties and themes. The dress code is often not strict, but you should dress up in something scary and frightening. During the holiday you will see witches, characters from horror films and Zombies running around all over your home town. But did you know that you can also play the one handed bandit “Zombies” online at 888casino? This is a horrifying game, with great chances of winning.

Halloween inspired casino games

The game includes extra functions such as random wilds and stack wilds. The wild symbol can show up on wheel one, two, four or five, and will replace all other symbols except stacked wilds and scatters. The Stacked Wilds is a new symbol, and can only show up on wheel three. It will be displayed as a single symbol or as a stacked wild with two or three symbols. If only one part of the Stacked Wild is showing, this symbol will then move up or down to complete your winning rows. Please note that this symbol will never show during the free spin rounds. The video slot Zombies also has an exciting Random Wild, which can show on every spin. As many as six of the symbols that have activated the random wild can transform into wilds!

Zombies and online slots

This is just the beginning of all this amazing online slot has to offer. You can also get many free spins! Get the scatter symbol, to activate five free spins. For each zombie hit during the free spins you will get an amount of coins, which is based on your initial bet amount. During these rounds the row winnings will be multiplied for each round, the first round will give one time the money up to the fifth round, which will give you as much as ten times your winnings! If you play online during Halloween you can win outrageous amounts on slots! Zombies is a video slot liked by everyone, it has a frightening theme, but is as the same time entertaining, and make you feel safe when you are playing casino online.

Your favourite characters are now at casino online

A Zombie is a walking dead, who have been brought back to life by magical spirits. The word Zombie is also used while describing a person who is unconscious, but still is responding on stimuli. Zombies are frequently mentioned in folklore, especially in America and in Europe. Today you can find the Zombies in a wide range of horror films, but also in books, video games and TV shows. And now you can also find your favourite horror characters while playing casino online!

When you are playing Zombie slots online you will recognize many of the symbols from the film, such as jigsaws, brains and bloody eyes. Look out for the scary Zombies in your casino! They can make you rich!

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