The history of roulette revisited

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Roulette is easily one of the most recognised and popular games on the casino floor. Despite the fact that the barrier to entry is so low in terms of skill and understanding, it has a way captivating gamers, providing hours of excitement. So much so that I find myself playing live roulette online, as well as in casinos. Here is a brief history of the game!

Roulette has been a well-known casino floor game for over 100 years. With its origins in France (roulette translating to “small wheel”) it is believed that the game was a fusion of different popular gambling games in the 17th and 18th century.

By the mid-18th Century, Roulette had gained popularity in Monte Carlo, a place which is now internationally known as the home of the game. At this time, the game was slightly different to how we would see it now; a Roulette wheel had 2 dealer slots (0 and 00) whereby if the ball landed in these slots the house would win, pocketing all bets. It was actually in 1843 that one of the original two “dealer slots” were removed, in accordance to a modernised version famously created by Francois and Louis Blanc. This gave better odds to punters, which meant its popularity increased and was widely adopted all around the world.

Since then, the most popular version of Roulette (as we know it now) has been played, although you still may across some variations which have come about since. In 1886 in the USA, a new kind of tables roulette tables became popular which had numbers only going up to 28 but with 2 dealer slots.

By the 19th Century, both versions of Roulette had gained popularity all over Europe and the U.S.A., earning its status as one of the most famous and most popular casino games. When the German government abolished gambling in the 1860s, the last legal remaining casino operation in mainland Europe existed only at Monte Carlo, which became renowned as a gambling “mecca” for the elite of Europe.

As the game and evolved so did the methods of cheating it. During the 1900s in the American version of the game, the spinning wheel was actually moved out of reach (in most cases) from punters, meaning they could in no way manipulate the wheel. The betting layout was also simplified further to make gambling easier and the transfer of payment quicker.

As a result, the world now has two forms of popular games and you can even find them online with live Roulette games: the traditional, stylish, classic game that can be found in Monte Carlo, and the hi-speed, action packed (and simplified) American version of the game which you will find in most casinos in Las Vegas.

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Slot Games are Awesome Pastime: Anytime Anywhere!

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The emergence of mobile games have upset the traditional gaming status quo. Many non-gamers are getting hooked one playing these apps on their mobile devices with categories ranging from adventure, role-playing games, point and click, shoot ’em-ups and games of chance. One example of these games of chance is free slots. A simple download is all that is needed to be able to play it. Some are even for free on web browsers found in social networks.

One reason why they are popular is because they have simple mechanics and are easy to play. Once the game has loaded, the menu screen usually follows (or if the game developer has invested some time to place a video intro that would make the game superb). The basic set-up of a menu screen is Start, Continue, Options and Help. The menu setup is understandable enough for those who are not familiar with games. They can adjust settings in the Option Tab the sounds, background music and in some games they can change the difficulty setting too.

If still you are having trouble of moving about in your newly downloaded game, you can always refer to the Help Tab. Check for game reviews on the web and find out more about your favorite games. Games of chance are fun to play especially if you are experiencing a winning streak or achievement bonus (sometimes it is also found in a Gallery Tab, or even Options table where you unlock something fascinating).

Learn how to play slots and find out why more and more people get the hang out of it. Gaming is a hobby that many have invested their time on. They come from different age range, male and female and from different walks of life. It does not necessarily mean that you are gambling when you play slots online.

After all, it is just a game that you play whenever you are bored while at a dentist’s waiting room. Also if you are playing for money it would be more comfortable to play online because you don’t have to physically get pressured when you play jackpot slots. There is sometimes a heavy aura when you are present in a casino. It is like a fog where you can’t see your way whether you reach the castle of jackpot or fall down the cliffs of despair. But with online play, there is always a sense of accomplishment and room for improvement.

Every machine in land-based casinos offer an assortment of game styles that suit to your gameplay preference and skills. They also vary on wager price and payouts. Since slot games are easy to play in gambling institutions, some patrons feel the itch to look for a place to go and spend some time in a casino. But if it’s virtually impossible, online slots machines are always available. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a valid credit card to be able to enjoy the fun!

At home or at a public place, you can enjoy the rewards of slot games with the use of WI-FI. Imagine winning real money while just hanging out in a coffee shop. The idea of dressing up to impress is no question because you can even play in your living room with a mobile phone. There is also an option to go against other players and a chat room is available to meet new friends who also enjoy the game. The complexity of these online games define a whole new experience for the usual gamblers.

Game developers are always on the lookout to make the best games. They are doing customer panel discussions and reviews so that they can make the next game better for everyone who likes their games. This pastime will surely evolve into something more intricate and challenging, as the technology is continuously changing the mindset of both gamers, non-gamers and gamblers alike.

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Best summer casino games 2013

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What a summer we have had so far, with brigh sunshine all over the country, and a big smile on everyones lips. The warm weather and the sun clearly makes us a bit happier. The long days and warm nights are here for us to enjoy, by spending more time with family and friends. It is well needed after a long, cold winter, when most of us prefered to stay indoors. Maybe now is the time to increase your holiday budget? Play some of the best summer casino games 2013!

Slots and games for all tastes

During the summer we tend to spend more money than usually, by eating out, travelling and endless entertainment. We know how you can get more money to spend this summer! Try some of the best summer casino games 2013, and take your chance to win several millions instantly! You will find a wide selectionof slots and casino games to choose from, so rest assured that you will find something that suits you and your wallet. Maybe you will be able to finally take that summer holiday that you have always dreamt of. Already when you play slots and one handed bandits online you will be able to dream yourself away to faraway places. One of our favourite games this summer is Tiki Wonder, a video slot that brings you to the exotic island Hawaii! Play Tiki Wonders and enjoy lovely cocktails in the company of colourful, rare birds. Take a boat trip in the Pacific, where you will be joined by dolphins and turtles. Tiki Wonders is also a jackpot game, so here you will have big chances to win really big!

Another side of the island – Hawaiian Treasure

Its not only our video slot Tiki Wonders that brings  you to Hawaii. As the name reveals, also our video slot Hawaiian Treasures takes place on this tropical island, and this is also another of our best slots for summer 2013. Here the island itself is in focus, and you will be able to enjoy its fashinating history. Join the beautiful women on Hawaii, where the Tikis will greet you warmly with flowers, a lovely smile, and ‘Aloha’!

Lazy days at the Beach? Get 24 freespins!

Maybe you are lucky enough to live close to the sea? If not, you will now still be lucky enough to spend some time on the hottest beach this summer, by playing a video slot simply called ‘Beach’! The white sand leads you down to the azur blue sea, and the waves are tempting you to take a swim. Look out for the symbol with a message in a bottle, this one can give you up to 24 freespins, or ‘free-waves’, as they are called here. Beach is a video slot that also offers Wilds, which will double all your potential winnings.

Escape to the beach already to today, and play one of our hottest slots summer 2013! Maybe you will catch the big win!

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