How to win at slot machines – between myth and reality

How to win at slot machines – practical advice from Casino Samurai

There are countless legends and opinions on how to win at slots, but many are simply myths that have very little to do with the everyday gaming reality. Let’s have a look below at some of the most important tips on how to approach slots in the casino.

#1: Slot machines can be manipulated by figuring out the patterns they use to generate winning numbers

The slot machines have no memory, so the chances of winning do not depend on a pattern or rule. Many casino players believe moving to another slot machine after a big win increases the chances of winning again, but this is simply superstition – the only important factor when it comes to slots is pure luck!

#2: There are as many types of jackpots as there are games of slots

There are only 2 types of jackpots, namely flat-top and progressive. In the first case, there is a limit to the size of the jackpot, usually set by the gaming house, and for progressive jackpots the value keeps rising until someone wins! Also, the machine allocates a percentage of each bet towards the progressive jackpot and the more people participate, the faster the jackpot goes up.

#3: The nickname of ‘One armed bandit’ came from the slot machines themselves

False! Slot machine became eventually known as One armed bandits, but initially the name came from the shady characters playing slots around San Francisco, where slot machines first became popular. These ‘bandits’ learned to manipulate the primitive machines, which were otherwise famous for leaving the local residents without money.

#4: Pulling the handle is different from hitting the spin button and affects the chances of winning

There is actually no difference between the two, and even for online slots the winning combinations are decided by random number generation – each play is independent and there is no such thing as a slot machine that is due to display a winning combination.

#5: The coins used can decide whether the machine displays a winning combination

Some players believe using hot or cold coins or only coins of a certain value increases the chances of winning at slots – false! The coin used has nothing to do with the random number generator inside the slot machine or the online random number generator.

All the above are largely myths, but there are some practical tips that can help players win more. One of them is that casinos place slot machines that pay less in crowded areas, so avoiding them increases the chances of winning. Although this, like many other tips, is open to debate, many casino goers confirm it is true.

The most important conclusion is that all players can rely on when playing slot sis their own luck and persistence – if you play long enough, you will eventually win!

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