Online bingo tips

Bingo online is a game of great popularity on the internet, but did you know that Bingo is also a card game which is played with the bridge deck of 52 cards in traditional settings?

Also, there are  a few different types of bingo, all available to players online. Let’s look at the most popular – 75 and 90 ball bingo, as well as some useful tips on strategy and playing safely on the internet.

How to play 75 ball bingo

Like the name suggests, this variety of bingo is played using 75 balls and numbers. By randomly picking a numbered ball between one and 75, a winning combination is established. The first player to successfully fill an entire row wins, but the game will continue until a participant gets a full house, a term used to describe filling the whole ticket.

How to play 90 ball bingo

Based on existing trends, many gamers think 90 ball bingo will overtake 75 ball bingo in terms of popularity. Compared to its 75 ball relative, 90 ball bingo uses a different ticket, as well as having three horizontal and nine vertical rows. All players go through three different stages and this structure allows participants to win at any stage in the game.

Placing the bets and claiming the pot

At first players have to place their bets. Then the dealer will turn over one of the centre cards so that it is facing up. If the player has the same rank value as the centre card, then it will be placed in front of the player, facing up. The game continues until any of the players manage to put down all the cards in hand. The first player to do so, says “Bingo!” and claims the pot. If no player wins after all the centre cards have been revealed, all players will reveal their remaining cards to the table. The player who has the highest value of the summed cards, is declared the winner.

Bingo as a game of chance

Bingo is a game of chance. It is played with randomly drawn numbers. Players match these numbers against numbers they have on 5×5 matrices on their cards – either on paper or electronically when played online. The winner is a player who achieves a specified pattern from the drawn numbers. The player has to shout “Bingo!” to let the others know about the possible win as players compete against each other for the prize of the jackpot. All the wins are double checked before they are confirmed and paid out.

A game with social dimensions

In Bingo halls balls are used to generate the random numbers, but online bingo sites use random number generators. One specific feature of on line bingo is the chat where players can talk to each other and the chat is hosted by a moderator. This makes Bingo and Bingo on line a game with social dimensions, where communication and interaction are as important as the game and winnings at stake.

Bingo as a game of Scrabble and playing strategies

Bingo is also a slang term used in classic word games of Scrabble for a play using all seven tiles. The player who does this receives 50 points in addition to what the word would normally score. In the United Kingdom, this is more often called a bonus, but it is also occasionally called a Bingo. Bingos are an important part of achieving high scores in Scrabble. While a beginner might be lucky to score even one during a game, experts frequently score three or more. More advanced strategies revolve around making bingos: blank tiles are hoarded, unwelcome letters are played even for a low score, and flexible letter groups like AEINST (a six-letter stem which anagrams with 23 letters – all but J, Q, and Y – to form nearly 70 bingos) are built up until a bingo is formed. This strategy is often at direct odds with that of placing high value letters on premium squares, often used by experienced players.

How to play bingo safely on the internet

Concerns have been raised about playing casino online, including various types of bingo – generally, online gaming is safe as long as players adhere to a few simple rules. The first indicator is to look at whether the online bingo provider is legit and there is no better solution for this than using an established brand. By registering and playing with an established brand, all security issues can be automatically discarded.

How to avoid a false bingo

Very often, clicking the bingo button at the wrong time disrupts the session for everyone involved and causes complaints as well as reactions from the game or chat moderators. Furthermore, participants who have too many false bingos during a session can be disqualified or at the very least penalised. To improve your playing strategy, avoid clicking the bingo button unless you are sure of the winning combination.

Whether as a card game, game of scrabble or online entertainment, bingo remains popular among players of all profiles and together with its social character keeps attracting interest from gamers around the world.