Casino news 2015 – what’s hot and what’s not

Casino news 2015 – what’s hot and what’s not

2015 has started in the context of casinos worldwide expanding, both off line and on the internet, but it’s not been going so smoothly – here are a few highlights from the world of gaming that have stolen the attention of gamblers and general public this year:

Casino cheat jailed after being arrested for cheating at Poker

A 62-year old tricky customer has been jailed after using multiple false Ids and cheating using the technique known as ‘card marking’ – the three card Poker ‘connoiseur’ had been previously banned from casinos, but returned to the Palyboy club in Mayfair, only to be arrested and consequently jailed. Bad luck? Yes, but not unexpectedly, casinos have learnt to filter such wise guys long time ago.

Kane Lai wins 101,365$ at the 2015 Mid-States Poker Tour

It’s not all doom and gloom! Kane Lai, an accomplished Poker player, has won an impressive amount at this year’s Golden Gates main event. Skills pay the bills – and don’t get you in trouble!

Macau casinos see record fall in revenues

It’s a casino! People gotta win sometime! This phrase from ‘Casino’ the movie seems to sometimes work in real life, too. Revenue fell 48.6% due to crackdowns directed by the government and some players winning. Well there needs to be an exception that confirms the general rule!

Social casino games take centre stage on the internet

More and more players use social instruments such as casino apps to dramatically increase the revenues for the inventive games providers – mobile casino is already a huge success and it will only get bigger as more users play on the go using mobile phones and other devices. Playing your favourite games has never been easier!

More regulations – and more casinos as big brands dominate

While big players such as William Hill have seen more sports gamblers win more money, casino games remain a huge source of revenue for the big providers and some lucky players. More regulations in 2015 and beyond mean the industry might be slowed down a little, but it will surely remain a popular and accessible source on entertainment.

If you decide to play in 2015 – play wisely!


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